3 Bad Brothaz - We Perfected The Remix

3 Bad Brothaz - We Perfected The Remix

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The first CD by the super group 3 Bad Brothaz!  This CD highlights the first remixes ever done by the 3 Bad Brothaz on a 60+ minute mix compilation, that features the underground anthems, I Can’t Stand It, Walk on Water, Children and Through the Rain. 

Track Listing:

1.  Acid Party

2.  Get The F*ck Up

3.  Whutchugonedo

4.  I Can't Stand It

5.  Cheese Party

6.  Supa Dupa Alarma

7.  Burnin' Like Fire

8.  Children Of The Dancefloor

9.  Just 2 Be With U

10.  Through The Rain

***All tracks remixed by 3 Bad Brothaz